Alicia Watkins @ 4300 Farlin

Nov. 21, 2020 - Alicia Watkins working hard

Chris Bollinger @ 4300 Farlin

Nov. 21. 2020 - Chris Bollinger working hard.

Ellen Cerutti & Jackie Billops working hard.

Nov. 21, 2020 - Ellen Cerutii & Jackie Billops woking hard

Kyle McCollom, Diane Witherspoon with our Founder Byron

November 7, 2020

Nov. 7th 2020: L. to R. Bianca James (Just As I Am Dance Ministry), Vietnam Army Veteran Eddie Ellis, Linda James (Just As I Am Dance Ministry).

Nov. 7, 2020: Chris Bollinger, USCG

4300 Farlin Avenue

November 21, 2020 -- Another great Saturday for the Troop 4300 volunteers!...we moved another step closer to being prepped for Phase 2.  The rain held off long enough for us to just about finish interior demo (demolition is no  joke!).

Thanx to our hard working regulars....Chris Bollinger, Jackie Billops, Lou Bahrmasel, Vince Slattery, Alicia Watkins and a grateful welcome to newcomers Ellen Cerutti & Richard Keen.  Can't forget Wayne Kaufman from The Kaufman Fund (Helping Veterans & Children)..thanx for stopping by & surveying the renovation to see where the fund can assist in our initiative. Please visit this helpful organization to see how you can make a difference!!!!

Vince Slattery @ 4300 Farlin

Nov. 21, 2020 - Vince Slattery working hard.

Nov. 21, 2020 - Vince Slattery, Byron Hayes (Founder), Ellen Cerutti, Alicia Watkins, take a lunch break @ 4300 Farlin

Lou Bahrmasel @ 4300 Farlin

Nov. 21, 2020 - Lou Bahmarsel getting it done.

Nov. 16, 2020 - People continue to be amazing!!...Kyle McCollom & Diane Witherspoon met up with our Founder, Byron Hayes to donate USEFUL tools and supplies needed for 4300 Farlin Ave. - the renovation project yielding two apartments for two homeless Veterans.

The "Community" in Community for Veterans is a real thing.  We cannot thank our donors enough for helping us make a dream of comfortable, independent living a reality for homeless Veterans

Once again the community came out to help us in our effort to complete the Phase 1 clean-out of 4300 Farlin Ave.  Dedicated troopers Chris Bollinger & Lisa Eckert AGAIN, for the second Saturday in a row, demonstrated how much this project means to them.  We also had newcomers Jackie Billops, Kathy Conway, and Vince Slattery show up and work hard toward the completion.

We had a special visitor come out and thank us for our mission...Vietnam Veteran (Army) Eddie Ellis showed his appreciation for our efforts by encouraging the volunteers and donating to the cause...we thank & salute you sir!!!

We'd also like to thank our Wellness sponsor (Hoopn' for Hearts) Linda James & her daughter Bianca James, two wonderful women representing "Just As I Am" dance ministry, for supplying lunch for our volunteers.

Sponsors & volunteers for Veteran Homeless Housing

Nov. 7, 2020:  L. to R. sponsors Bianca & Linda James, voulunteer Vince Slattery, Vietnam Veteran Eddie Ellis, Tia Leonard (Moving Upward), Byron Hayes, Founder.

Moving Upward Sponsors & Army Veteran

All of our volunteers and staff members have been working extremely hard on this project.  But we have to give Chris Bollinger, United States Coast Guard, a big thank you...first one on the site, last to leave the site, a true soldier thru & thru, unselfishly tackling everything on the project...SALUTE!!!!

United States Coast Guard Volunteers with Veteran Homeless Housing

October 31, 2020

What a fantastic Saturday we had Oct. was really gratifying that people from all walks of life came together to help make housing a reality for homeless Veterans.


This was the first day of the Phase 1 clean-out. We were able to complete roughly 60%...we hope to have this Phase completed by our next outing...November 7th...@ 8am.

We cant thank Caroline Hecker enough...KMOV Channel 4 reporter...for coming out for coverage & putting together a terrific story highlighting our cause & the volunteers making it happen.  Many thanks to the great people giving back!!!

Click here for the KMOV Channel 4 segment.

Community for Veterans volunteers

Oct. 31, 2020 - Hard working volunteers at 4300 Farlin Ave.  Back row: Carol Ault, Jay Clark, Founder, Byron Hayes, Orlando Wilson, Andy Boyd, Peter Haw, Alicia Hawkins. 2nd Row: Lou Bahrmasel, Terea Goodwin (Board President), Harriette Scott-Dudley (Co-Founder), Lou Faber (Project Coordinator). Front: Lisa Eckert

4300 Farlin Avenue was donated to Moving Upward in August 2018.  Our goal is to renovate the building into a two (2) two-bedroom apartments for homeless/near homeless Veterans.  The apartments will be available under the HUD/Veteran Administration's ("VA") housing initiative - Project HERO.




 "Project HERO" (Housing, Employment, Recovery, Opportunities), is a partnership of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the St. Patrick Center--who implements the program. It began in July 2008 in the Washington Avenue Apartments,1133 Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.


'HERO' has stipulations for a potential homeless Veteran which include:


• Being an honorably discharged veteran.

• Undergo weekly drug testing.

• Pay 30 percent of income toward rent and utilities.

• Not possess alcohol on premises.

• Not have violent crime or sex offense convictions.

• Do daily morning check-ins in person or by phone with a staff member of St.    Patrick Center.

• Not have overnight guests unless it is the tenant's minor child.

• Leave his Project HERO apartment after a maximum of two years (which can be extended under certain circumstances).

We serve in a referral capacity for the HERO program.  As we complete the renovation of our two-family housing unit, the two apartments will be available to homeless Veterans under 'HERO.'


Please help us reach the homeless Veteran population and usher them into permanent housing.  Volunteer and make a tax deductible donation today, and help us complete this project!!

Click the link below to see current building information from the St. Louis City Assessor's records:

St. Louis City Assessor

Call Byron Hayes to sign up to volunteer!!!  314-329-5804

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