4300 Farlin Avenue

This building was donated to Moving Upward in August 2018.  Our goal is to renovate the building into a two (2) two-bedroom apartments for homeless/near homeless Veterans.  The apartments will be available under the HUD/Veteran Administration's ("VA") housing initiative - Project HERO.




 "Project HERO" (Housing, Employment, Recovery, Opportunities), is a partnership of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the St. Patrick Center--who implements the program. It began in July 2008 in the Washington Avenue Apartments,1133 Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.


'HERO' has stipulations for a potential homeless Veteran which include:


• Being an honorably discharged veteran.

• Undergo weekly drug testing.

• Pay 30 percent of income toward rent and utilities.

• Not possess alcohol on premises.

• Not have violent crime or sex offense convictions.

• Do daily morning check-ins in person or by phone with a staff member of St.    Patrick Center.

• Not have overnight guests unless it is the tenant's minor child.

• Leave his Project HERO apartment after a maximum of two years (which can be extended under certain circumstances).

We serve in a referral capacity for the HERO program.  As we complete the renovation of our two-family housing unit, the two apartments will be available to homeless Veterans under 'HERO.'


Please help us reach the homeless Veteran population and usher them into permanent housing.  Make a tax deductible donation today, and help us complete this project.

Click the link below to see current building information from the St. Louis City Assessor's records:

St. Louis City Assessor

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