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4300 Farlin Avenue

This building was donated to Moving Upward in August 2018.  Our goal is to renovate the building into a 5 to 6 bedroom housing unit for homeless/near homeless Veterans under the HUD/Veteran Administration's ("VA") housing   initiatives.

This facility will house Veterans through the VA's Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) Emergency Housing program.  This initiative provides emergency housing (bridge housing) and supportive services for pre-identified Veterans who are struggling with the affects of homelessness.  This program allows us to provide up to 90 days of shelter and support services for Veterans with an option of extending program participation up to six months--facilitating Veterans until their permanent housing is move-in ready. 


Support services will be administered by our staff of 24 hour on site clinicians that generally include:

  • plans of care (medication/therapy)

  • assisting with mental health/substance abuse treatment

  • assisting withe employment opportunities

Upon completion of the renovations, the main floor of the facility will incorporate office space for our staff and also a media/computer lab for Veterans.  Living quarters will be at the second level, and a modest exercise gym will be at the lower level to help improve their physical conditioning and health.

Please help us reach the homeless Veteran population and usher them into permanent housing.  Make a tax deductible donation today, and help us complete this project.

Click the link below to see current building information from the St. Louis City Assessor's records:

St. Louis City Assessor