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As part of our community wellness objectives, we have formed "Hoopn' for Hearts," a men's basketball league for the early detection of Hypertension.  The league is for all men 30 years and older.  The league is scheduled to begin July 21, 2019.


For this initiative, we have joined forces with YMCA, USA and the American Heart Association to utilize the YMCA's Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program ("BPSM").  


This highly successful program focuses on the participant--under the auspices of a trained Healthy Heart Ambassador-- measuring one's blood pressure twice per month coupled with a monthly nutritional seminar.  These measures help identify the triggers that elevate one's blood pressure, and thus maps a path of reducing the effects of Hypertension; diabetes, stroke and cardio vascular disease.


Our intent is to spread this incentive to three other cities in Missouri (Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Sikeston). With the support of sponsors, we're able to subsidize the program fee's while incentivizing the players.

Here is our founder, Byron Hayes promoting Hoopn' for Hearts on Fox 2's 9am show, June 26th 2019.

On January 31, 2019 the St. Louis City Continuum of Care conducted the annual Point in Time count for un-sheltered persons in St. Louis city.  This data is reported to HUD and significantly influences dollars allocated to the CoC and its member organizations.  Member organizations and volunteers conducted the count/survey across the city from 5am to 9am. 


We split into groups and our group - led by Tammy Laws (St. Louis CoC) - was assigned to Destiny Shelter. There, we met some great people who happened to be without shelter.  As we conducted our survey/count we shared life stories, donuts, distributed socks and hand-warmers to help the men and women get through the day.  Much thanks to Pastor Mike who oversees Destiny Shelter.

As a housing provider, some of these Veterans and civilians are the men and women we aim to house and usher into permanent housing.  Help us do that by donating to the Veteran housing renovation project (click the "Projects" tab above).


about sixty(60) 3-Pack's of socks given to the people at Destiny Shelter.

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Jan. 31, 2019  L. to R. Tammy Laws - St. Louis CoC, Melissa Yearian -Social Service Coordinator, Cooper House. Byron Hayes - Founder, Moving Upward, & Mike Pereira - Social Services, St. Louis Veteran Administration. 


L. to R. - Byron with Darryl (formerly homeless; now volunteer), & Joshua (currently homeless)

L. to R. - Mike, Shiela (currently homeless) Byron & Melissa

Here is our Co-Founder Byron, (lime shirt) sharing our in-kind contributions with Jeanette's Ministries. Ms. Jeanette (second from right) has been independently providing clothing/food/toiletries to the homeless population in St. Louis for over 20 years.  On this date November 24, 2018, Moving Upward donated Bombas brand socks at her annual charity basketball game.


Moving Upward Sock Donation.jpg