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Moving Upward is a 501(c)(3) status organization COMMITTED  to helping Veterans and individuals TRANSITION into PERMANENT housing.  We are a member of the St. Louis Continuum of Care ("CoC"); a broad based partnership formed to help prevent people within the community from becoming homeless and to find ways to end homelessness in the St. Louis Missouri metropolitan area.  More than 60 organizations and individuals committed to this goal make up the body of the CoC.  The CoC serves in an advisory capacity to the Division of Homeless Services of the Department of Human Services of the City of St. Louis.


As a member we employ Housing First Practices.  Housing First is a homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing people with immediate shelter.  Under Housing First, individuals are no longer denied entry into housing due to their unemployment or continued substance use, rather, they are allowed entry and then provided the supports needed to overcome their struggles.

Along with identifying and housing homeless/near homeless Veterans, we also seek to provide housing and supportive services to our youth facing homelessness.  Our goal is to help young people transform their lives and help them to a path of independence.

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