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Hoopn' for Hearts Mens Basketball League


This is a wellness initiative focused on identifying and controlling high blood pressure (Hypertension) for men 30 and over.

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  • Adult Men's League 30 years of age and older

  • Two sessions per calendar year, Spring and Fall, contact B. Hayes for start dates.

  • Games played Sundays 10am at the O'fallon Park YMCA 4343 West Florissant Blvd.  63107 (see Flyer below).

  • Players and coaches agree to high blood pressure screening before each session

  • A previous diagnosis of high blood pressure and a current high measurement activates a 4-month self monitoring program under the YMCA's Evidence Based Blood Pressure Self Monitoring Program (see attached BPSM fact sheet) using a take home blood pressure monitor.


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YMCA BPSM Fact Sheet

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Hoopn' For Hearts Flyer

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June 26, 2019--Our founder Byron Hayes on Fox2's 9am Show promoting Hoopn' for Hearts.

Here is a great article by Sandra Jordan of the St. Louis American highlighting our early detection of Hypertension Hypertension initiative.

Hoopn' for Hearts social media sites.

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